Blessed by the Aegean Sea, adorned with white Marble Temples, great ruins and history... Breathtaking natural landscapes, fresh seafood, sweltering Mediterranean passion, mythical legend, Greece allows our guests to rejoice themselves via combined tours between Turkey & Greece.

With no spoken language, Matiana Travel is perfect for people who are keen on diving into the depths of history of all cultures, languages and ages with warm hospitality. In the lands of God & Goddesses there are many beauties to discover which lets us guide you in legendary regions. Enjoy gracious Santorini city with wild volcanic sculptures against sleek Cycladic lines, multi-colored cliffs and picture-perfect sunsets. Marvel the cosmopolitan atmosphere and colorful nightlife of Mykonos with amazing sunsets and exotic beaches. Visit the island where the King of Gods, Zeus was born, sail in the sea where the Nereids swim, walk in the streets of Athens owned by Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom.