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Turkey always thought as a mosaic regarding its colourful & rich culture. Each region has their own special thing (food, clothes or decorative items…) and those things helps to culture stay alive and forwarded to future generations. Hand-made towels weaved in weaving-loom, hand-painted tiles, hand-made copper items, special design jewels, decorative items… Those items are not just buyable things but cultural representatives…
Shopping seems like a basic activity and generally people summarize it just spent time & money. However, there are few people who enjoy shopping in a professional way. As Matiana Travel, we offer shopping in style for sophisticated shoppers.

Cappadocia Tours

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Avanos town, on the banks of the Red River in Cappadocia, well known for its pottery work since Hittite period. There are still some rock carved ateliers to experience this art.

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Turks learned tiles from Chinese people and they re-formed them in their way. During journeys of Turks, they encounter with Islam and for early period, figure could seen but in Ottoman time, they removed from tiles and only geometrical and floral patterns used for decoration. World famous Iznik tiles and porcelains, with their high level quartz material, has a special effect with their positive energies…





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Jewel crafting:

Delicate dances of metals and stone, jewel crafters are like different type of musicians, composing their poems into silver, gold, amethyst, corals, emeralds, rubies, turquoises and brilliants… Today, special jewel designers crate old style items as well as unique pieces…

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Turkey is a country with rich culture & history that keeps the artist inspired with their beauty. If you like to see products of local artists, painters, sculptures, designers or traditional art performers, Matiana Travel will provide the best addresses for you to see the distillated beauties …





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Many countries have their own style carpets but Turkish Carpets has a difference with their weaving style and each region has their own patterns & color sets regarding materials around them. Carpets are like weaved novels that only trained eyes can read their stories from their pattern & color harmony

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Turkey is one of the leading country for textile, especial some special items such as silk, Buldan or Rize fabrics, handmade towels are just a few of those items. There are some towns famous with their products or small boutiques about them and Matiana Travel will be honored to show the way…








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