Now located in Antalya on the southwestern Mediterranean coast, Perge was is a more than 3500 years old ancient Greek city in Anatolia dating back to the Bronze Age. Today, Perge is more than 3500 years old and it is a large site of ancient ruins on the coastal plain.
Perge was originally founded by the Hittites around 1500 BC. Although it dates back to the Hittites, its remnants are from Ionians and Romans. Most of the surviving ruins today date from Roman rule which began in 188 BC. The substantial remains include a theater, a stadium of 15.000 capacity, a monumental gate and colonnaded street down the main Agora area… It is said that St. Paul began his journey in Perge in 46 AD, and preached his first sermon here.
During the Hellenistic period, Perge was one of the richest and most beautiful cities in the ancient world as well. The area is most famous for the temple of Artemis. It was sited inland for defensive purposes to avoid the pirate bands which terrorized this stretch of the Mediterranean.
In the first half of the 4th century, during the reign of  Constantine The Great (324-337), Perge became an important centre of Christianity after it had became official religion of the Roman Empire. The city retained its status of a Christian centre in the 5th and 6th centuries.

Perge is today a very important archaeological site and a major tourist attraction