Olympos is an ancient city located in a valley, 90 km southwest of Antalya city near the town of Kumluca. The foundations of the city date back to the early Hellenistic period (300 BC).

In Lycian times, the ancient port city of Olympos was one of the members of the Lycian Federation. During this period, the city was subject to raids by pirates. Later, the city was rescued by Romans. The city had a large wealth due to its strategic trading position and prospered more as well during famous Roman king Hadrian period who adorned the city with theatres, aqueduct, etc. The ruins mostly belong to the late Roman early Byzantine period.

Olympos today, is the favourite destination for those who seek tranquility in aesthetically pleasing surroundings with its great nature, tree-house hostels and translucent water of Mediterranean besides its rich history. By looking up from the seashore, the city’s ancient acropolis is clearly visible on the mountain side.

If you will visit Olympos, you should definitely visit the eternal flames of the Chimera as well, 8km distance from Olympos. Fires continue to erupt from holes in the mountain since the ancient times. Chimaera was another Lycian city and this magical wonder has a long history according mythology.  From a realistic viewpoint, the most logical reason of this situation is that it is natural gas seeping through cracks in the earth although scientists are still unable to discover the compounds of the gases. To truly appreciate Chimaera, it is best to visit the area in the evening. The effect is most impressive in the darkness.

There’re also a lot of activity options that visitors can experience like rock climbing, mountain biking, whitewater rafting in nearby Köprülü Canyon.

Besides, Olympos is still a secluded village you can’t meet luxury resorts and hotel complexes, but instead small tree houses and family run hostels.