Ishak Pasha Palace

With the stunning view of Eastern Anatolia, this building is a great structure in concept of Ottoman and Seljuk art. Besides, they were the first in the world that used central heating systems.
Ishak Pasha Palace is an Ottoman period palace and administrative complex located in Doğubeyazıt district of Ağrı Province in eastern Turkey, near the Iranian frontier in the Silk Route. Its construction was started in 17th century and the monument took its final form in 18th century.
 It is the most famous of the palaces built in the recent decades after the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul and also one of the most magnificent examples of 18th century Ottoman architecture, very precious in terms of art history. The characteristic of the palace is a mixture of Ottoman, Persian and Seljuk architectural styles.
The western influence in Ottoman architecture during the post-classical period can be observed is Ishak Pasha Palace as well. It is the last large monumental structure of Ottoman Empire in Tulip Period.
The interior and exterior architectural wealth of the Ishak Paşa Palace could be endlessly described  whether the palace is taken as a whole or its rooms and buildings studied individually.  The valley has even been subject of many legends and stories.. You should definitely see this magical atmosphere..