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Are you looking for something very special? Then, you are in the right place. Matiana Team is ready to design your incentive program with the most unique ideas, real adventures and unchartered outdoor activities.


Matiana Travel offers you special incentive organizations regarding its successful background and innovative concept. If you are looking for very special events inclusive of sprit and unforgettable surprises, Matiana Travel will be your place to find the bests.


We believe uniqueness that; all people, companies or trademarks have their own style and we are successful to fully understand our guests “style & needs”. With this way, we provide the best options that suit your dream.


We suggest 3 destinations for perfect organizations such as:


1. Istanbul: Wonderland of tourism. We can do everything that you may need such as special gala dinners or cocktails. Place suggestion is just endless. Gardens of Top Luxury hotels along the Bosphorus, gardens of Dolmabahce or Topkapi Palaces, 1001 Columns Cistern or modernized Esma Sultan Yalisi.


You may want to listen a classical music in the mystical ambient of cistern or cheers against the view of legendary Istanbul.


If you love the classics, Bosphorus cruise in Sunset with special boat is always attractive and unforgettable…


2. Cappadocia: If your aim is to stun your guest, there is no other place but Cappadocia can answer you. What do you think about Hot Air balloon ride in the morning and upon landing, transfer to a valley where you will have a special breakfast?


Glowing whirling dervishes in the pitch black of the caves’ mouths and performing their mesmerizing praying-dance along with enchanting music and imagine yourself in a table full with Turkish food in a valley lighted with candles and torches.


If you are dynamic and innovative, Cappadocia has everything to force your imagination and to please you and your guests…


3. Ephesus - Aegean Coast: Glamour of the past is reflecting today’s world in here. Whites of marble and greens of the olive trees are surrounding this area and these natural actors are preparing to be the background of our venues. Celsus Library was one of the biggest libraries in the ancient world. This place was serving the knowledge and many unknown philosopher walked on that road and today Matiana Travel offers you an organization in front of this library, on those marbles… No decoration except the white table clothes and candles and dim lights…


If you love freedom and energy, Aegean coast has too many options for your events.


Esma Sultan Yalisi istanbul
incentive travel turkey
dervishes ceremony capadocia
breakfast in valley


*Bridgestone Cappadocia 2008,

*Phillip Morris Presidents Meeting 2008,

*Cappadocia Events of Excellency Dutch Prince & Princess
*Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, 2009 Turkey Shots


Please e-mail us for your incentive inquiries for Turkey.

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