Eyüp Sultan Mosque

Eyup Sultan Mosque was the first mosque built after the Turks conquered Constantinople. One of the first Muslims and a standard bearer of Mohammed, Ebu Eyup El-Sari was killed in the Arabic siege in the year 668 AC. His grave was discovered during the conquest and later the mausoleum and the mosque were built on this site.The mosque has been dedicated to the memory of Eyüp El-Sari.
Eyül Sultan Mosque is a place of pilgrimage for Muslims, but also for anyone who wants to enjoy a marvellous view of the Old City and the Golden Horn. Because of its sacred and historical importance, many imperial princes and Ottoman officials desired to be buried in Eyüp.
The original mosque was destroyed in an earthquake and the present one was constructed in its place in 1800. However, the real attraction always remained in here, the cemetery, a sacred burial site that draws masses of pilgrims waiting to stand in the presence of the solid silver sarcophagus or meditate in prayer. The interior decoration is magnificent with gold leafed decorations, elegant chandeliers hanging from the dome, and carpets covering the floor. The walls of the mausoleum in the courtyard are covered with tiles from different periods.

Historical writings indicate that the district was also a holy site n Byzantine times where people came to visit the grave of a saint and to pray for rain during times of drought…