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Each trip is a “once in a life time” experience and a personal quest. That’s why we are specialized in making our guests’ travel experiences unique and perfectly matched to their taste and lifestyle.
For all of our guests, this process begins with a conversation. As a first step to get to know you, we recommend options and opportunities that are not found in the travel guidebooks and see how you like the ideas, and then we create tailor-made itineraries that best suit your personality and travel philosophy.

Please kindly fill out our "CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN TRIP QUESTIONNAIRE" to experience a unique journey that reflects your interests and needs for your travel to Turkey.

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Turkey has been home to many great civilizations from Neolithic times up to the present. These cultures are like stones of different shapes and sizes all going together to make up a wall…
Turkey Travel Agency
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Travel to Turkey
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Turkey Travel Agency
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This refers to unique suggestions specially created by Matiana Travel. You will find top quality, exclusive, and fully private travel options to meet your individual travel requirements and your wishes, providing not just a trip but an unforgettable life experience, topped off with Matiana Travel’s stylish touches.
Our main expertise is in creating and arranging special tailor-made programs and itineraries based on your desired schedule and specific requests. If you have a general outline of your travel plans but need some specific suggestions or even just a little inspiration, we can design a unique itinerary that reflects and matches your interests and needs. Your desires together with exceptional ideas & suggestions created by Matiana Travel. (For more information please contact our travel advisors.)

A travel advisor’s role is to advise and assist the guest in each and every stage of the travel process, from organizing all travel arrangements—including accommodation, airport transfers, domestic connections, guide service—to providing regional information and ensuring the guests’ safety and comfort. It’s our job to facilitate the holiday experience you desire, with logistics, suggestions, and… well, whatever you need.



+ Unique quality and personalized service
+ 24-hour non-stop assistance and care
+ Travel programs tailored to personal interests
+ Selected hotels, best rooms at special rates
+ Environmental and cultural awareness

* Mr. Ufuk,
We thank you for the excellent job during our travel to Istanbul/Izmir. The outstanding guides you selected (Neslie and Ender) made our time well used and their tips for shopping and dinning were great. The selected hotels were at a convenient short walk to shops, restaurants and so on and reached our expectations. If anyone asks me, I’ll tell them to have Matiana’s assistance while visiting Turkey! By now, goodbye… I think we’ll meet again very soon.
Márcia & Paulo Tominaga, December 2010

* Dear Owner of Matiana Travels,
We are very pleased with our travel arrangement via your company. We have Ozlem to thank for this as she worked very speedily and effectively at a very tight deadline. In addition, the tour guides in Istanbul and Cappadocia, Belgin and Ramazan (I hope I have got the names correctly) were professional in their work, experienced and gave us very good insight into your country's rich culture, both past and present. The meals were delicious and choice of hotels were excellent. We did not know what to expect when we came but now that we have been there, we know that we will be back to explore other parts of Turkey. As a testimony to your good service, I have spoken to Ozlem and am recommending a good friend of ours to your company. We hope you will take care of her as you did us.
All the best to you and your company. Best Regards,
Mrs Arvind MathurAnyway, Novemver 2010

* Ibrahim was our guide while in Cappadocia. To say the least, he was one of the most genuine, nicest and knowledgeable guide I have had in a long time. We learned a lot from him and our 3 year old son, Kai, was treated by Ibrahim almost like his own son, playing, and carrying him all around. To this day, he remembers Ibrahim and mentions him every time we talk about Turkey and our great time there. Thank you Ibrahim!
William, Nancy, Kai Gaultier, July 2010

* Dear Ufuk,
Istanbul is an amazing city, but it was you, Ufuk, that made our visit unforgettable. We were only there for a couple of days and yet somehow you managed to send us home with so many invaluable experiences, interesting stories and rich impressions of the city. You made a great program for us, combining the famous touristic sites with a more personal tour of the city. When we booked a guide for our stay in Turkey, we were expecting a "tourist guide". You were so much more for us, perhaps something like a very 'enthusiastic, professional, devoted, local friend'. Perfect!
Anneke & Asher ALTMAN, January 2010

* Dear Ramazan,
I just arrived home from our wonderful trip through Greece and Turkey and wanted to drop you an email while the trip was still fresh in my memory. Our time in Cappadocia was outstanding thanks to your company and our guide, Ramazan. From the time we landed on Tuesday morning until the time we left Friday morning the efficiency of your company and the knowledge and helpfulness of Ramazan, made our trip a memorable one. Ramazan imparted his love of the area to us and made Cappadocia come alive.
Joy Licht, October 2010

* Hello Ilke,
I want to thank you and Ufuk for our wonderful family trip to Turkey. The guides were wonderful, the history and ruins are amazing, the Turkish people were friendly and we loved the food. We were fortunate to have found a wonderful Turkish folk music café that we returned to the following night. The musicians, the singer and the audience who danced Turkish folk dances were enchanting. Unfortunately, we did not have time to travel to other parts of the country. Maybe next time. Regards,
Gail Auster, August 2010

* Dear Matiana agency,
Last May 17th, 18th and 19th, we took advantage of the services provided by your agency in Cappadocia. The team taking care of us was exceptional. We regret to ignore the name of the driver, he was very safe but not slow, obviously highly experimented. He had a real personality but was quite accommodating and flexible. He knew pretty well the region, made relevant proposals and accepted our specific wishes with perfect flexibility and good mood. The car was perfect.
Our guide, Ramazan Kacar, was the ideal guide we ever had. His culture was large and brilliant, but he did not insisted in giving explanations when we wanted to meditate silently, even for long periods. He sensed perfectly, without needing directions, what were our expectations, our mood, our desires. He made exactly the proposals adjusted to our wishes, but was not too directive and accepted with real pleasure our comments and directions. Our tours have been a complete success and delight because we were not stuck to a rigid program but allowed to introduce lots of variations accorded to our wishes. This allowed us in particular to evade crowds and tourist attractions loosing their charm and authenticity, and to focus on natural and human wonders as fascinating and much more touching. 
Please accept this totally spontaneous comment, without any ulterior motive. You can make it public it if you wish, but please transmit our sincere thanks to the guide and driver who welcomed us so perfectly.
Best regards
Claude and Lucile CORNUAU


» The oldest temple in the world is in Göbekli Tepe – Sanliurfa in Turkey.
» The House of the Virgin Mary, where she spent her last days, is located on the top of a mountain in Ephesus and is considered as a holy place for different religions.
» Anatolia is the birthplace of many historical legends, such as Homer (the poet), King Midas, Heredotus (the ‘father of history’), St. Paul the Apostle, and Santa Claus. (Learn More)
People from all over the world are eager to come to Turkey because there are about 1001 reasons to visit this land. Turkey is a country where diverse and rich cultures have lived and thrived. Visitors are welcomed and adored, meaning you’ll never feel like a stranger. Straddling two continents, Turkey plays a role as a bridge between East and West and is home to many historical highlights in its regions. Turkey is also blessed with wonderful nature and stunning geography. Surrounded by seas on three sides, it is covered with mountains, forests, lakes, plains, and many other natural beauties.
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